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Laplace Transform of a Bessel Equation

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    Hi guys, I have this question on Laplace transforms, but am not sure how to start it.

    The zero order Bessel function Jo(t) satisfies the ordinary differential equation:
    tJ''o(t) + J'o(t) + tJo(t) = 0

    Take the Laplace transform of this equation and use the properties
    of the transform to find the Laplace transform of J0(at) where a is a constant.

    Now I can do laplace transforms, but I haven't been given it in this form before, and am not too sure on Bessel functions. I have googled, and am having trouble finding out exactly what J(t) is. I am going to have 3 seperate integrals right? Do you know what Jo(t) is?

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