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Homework Help: Laplace Transform - (stinking partial fractions)

  1. Oct 9, 2005 #1
    Ok... I'm working on this laplace transform, and I'm getting stuck on the partial fractions part on this one problem. If someone could help me out with setting it up, I would be very appreciative.

    [tex] \frac{s}{(s^2+4)(s^2+\omega^2 ) }[/tex]

    After trying to set it up, I get something like:


    I can't really equate the coefficients with a problem like this. I'm just totally frickn' lost when it comes to this part. My algebra is rather crappy :mad:
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  3. Oct 9, 2005 #2
    LaTeX preview not working

    When I was typing out this msg, I could not preview any of the LaTeX... but after submitting the thread it displayed as beautiful as it usually does.
    Is anyone else having this problem?
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    [tex] \frac{s}{(s^2+4)(s^2+\omega^2 ) } = \frac{As + B}{s^2+4} + \frac{Cs + D}{s^2+ \omega^2}[/tex]
  5. Oct 9, 2005 #4
    I think Cyclovenom's answer is correct. For a quadratic factor like [tex]s^2 + 4[/tex], you have to [tex]As + B[/tex]. If it was a linear factor, [tex]A[/tex] would suffice.
  6. Oct 10, 2005 #5
    right on. cool.

    thanks guys
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