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Homework Help: Laplace Transform

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    How can I solve this Laplace transform (or how can I find series solution)?
    http://www.forkosh.dreamhost.com/mathtex.cgi?M=\int[/URL] [Broken] _0^{\infty }e^{-\text{kR}}J_1^2(\text{ka})dk[/PLAIN] [Broken] ;R>2a
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    J(ka) is spherical bessel function (please help).
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    Is this part of a larger problem? If you are simply looking to evaluate this integral, I'd recommend you use Rayleigh's formula.
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    This is jackson classicsal electrodynamics problem 5.34b (third edition). I expand J1(ka) and integrate each term of J1(ka)*J1(ka) but I can't find solution. What must I do if R>2a? (please help).
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    Thanks for all. I found the answer :)
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