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Laplace transformation problem

  1. Sep 26, 2005 #1
    Hey! Could anyone give me a pointer to what I'm doing wrong here? I would appreciate it alot.

    Use Laplace transform to determine a distribution f, which satisfies the equation

    [H(t)t cos t] x f(t) = delta(t)

    where x is convolution and delta the dirac function.

    If I let H(t)t cos t = g(t) I could simplify the equation to

    g(t) x f(t) = delta(t)

    Simplified again to

    G(t) F(t) = 1
    F(t) = 1 / G(t)

    To solve for G(t),

    G(t) = -d/ds (cos t) = sin t - t cos t

    Which gives

    f(t) = 1 / (sin t - t cos t)

    I belive I'm totally mistaken. :-)

    Thanks for any help,

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