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Laplace Transformation

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    Please anyone tell me how laplace transformation is derived. It transform a funtion into new one. Then what we get? Any example to show how it make a function easy to solve?
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    Yeah, Laplace transform can transform a differential equation in to algebraical equation which is much easier to manipulate and when we take inverse transform we get solution of that differential equation.
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    A Fourier Transform converts a Steady State Time Domain function/signal to the Frequency Domain.
    Basically it integrates [adds up] the energy at differenct frequecies to obtain the signal's spectrum.
    It is what a Spectrum Analyzer does.
    A variable frequency filter measures the energy at different frequencies

    The Laplace Transform [LT] does the same thing but for Transient [non Steady State] signals and can
    show the transient response. It is a fundamental tool in Dynamics as both signals and
    "black boxes" have a LT and you can just multiply them to get the output response in the Complex Domain.
    Then an Inverse Transform produces the output in the Time Domain.
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    Thanks a lot
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