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I Laplacian Operator in 2D

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    Hi, I have that the Laplacian operator for three dimensions of two orders,

    \nabla ^2 is:

    1/r* d^2/dr^2 (r) + 1/r^2( 1/sin phi d/d phi sin phi d/d phi + 1/sin^2 phi * d^2/d theta^2)

    Can this operator be used for a radial system, where r and phi are still valid, but theta absent, by setting theta = 0 ?

    so giving:

    1/r* d^2/dr^2 (r) + 1/r^2( 1/sin phi d/d phi sin phi d/d phi) ?

    Does that make sense or is the Laplacian operator of second order in radial (polar) coordinates different?

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