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Laptop battery saviour

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    i just wanted to know how can i make my laptop battery last longer...

    need info about charging ..

    and any other tips about saving my battery

    thanks in advance
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    Turn the display brightness low. Don't play games when using the battery.
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    any tips about charging ...b/c im getting too many different thing on the net....
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    What kind of charging "tips" are you looking for?

    Juiciest outlets around the city?

    If you are not getting much out of your battery, it might be old. You could get a fresh one.
    You could kill any programs you're not using...
    Avoid processor-intensive apps such as PhotoShop....
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    I have always heard that you are having problems with your laptop battery charging, you should let it drain completely and then charge for a full 10-16 hours without using it and then see if it works.

    I know that my battery drained quickly due to my charger not charging the battery properly because there was a problem with the connection which was common in that particular laptop.
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    What kind of battery do you have?
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