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Laptop charger 50W and 65W

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    A laptop charger rated 19V 2.64A and another rated 19V 3.42A what advantages would one have over the other.If I am using it for a laptop rated 65W
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    One will work, one won't, or will catch fire

    65W is 19V at 3.4A
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    Potentially the 50W charger could be ruined. Your lap top may well be drawing more current then the rated power of the charger. It may work fine for short periods of time, but then it could also fail. Generally it is not a good idea to run power supplies at higher then rated currents.
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    You need the one which is suitable for the battery. Hard to say which one that would be. Depends on their characteristics . I thought Li-ion required constant current charging and the charger will produce that current and no more. The larger one will be faster. Depends on how good the lap top charge indicator is and I gather they are rather poor. I would have thought the best way to charge a Li-ion battery is externally with an good quality 'intelligent' charger with a timer.

    The lap top power rating has no connection really with the charger rating.
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    The OP says laptop charger they probably mean the external power supply that runs the machine AND charges the battery rather than just a constant current battery charger.
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