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Laptop Cooling

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    I recently watched a DVD on my laptop, after which, my laptop became seriously over-heated. It wouldn't work properly for about an hour. Is there any (sensible) method of avoiding this, apart from not watching DVDs?
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    You could try giving it good ventilation, mounting it so air can flow under the base could help, just a guess seeing as I don't own a laptop. I think you can also buy small fans that attach to the expansion card ports. :)
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    Laptops generally use two methods of airflow to cool themselves. The first method (and superior, imo) is the intake on the side, exhaust on the back. The second method involves intake from the bottom/exhaust on side/back.

    A good plan is to make sure you set it on a solid surface, so it's rubber "feet" will keep enough space between it and the surface. A wood surface is the best, just keep it off metal and other good conductors of heat.

    Funny how laptops never work that well on their namesake...laps
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    Yeah, and don't the faster ones tend to also run hotter as well? So if you want a real screamer then perhaps it will also be a real scorcher too.
    I would look for the coolest running processor around to avoid heating the darn thing to the point where you can't even keep it on your lap. Well, coolest running within reason that is, haha, my old compaq 386/25 is WAY COOL . How about a VIA gigapro type processor, any thoughts?
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    The best advice is use common sense. Keep the cooling good by not resting it on a bed or anything that will insulate it. Buy a pad for it that keeps an air pocket underneath it if necessary. Run it in energy saving mode whenever possible.
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    Thanks for the advice everyone.
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