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Laptop decision

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    Hey everyone I didn't know where to put this but it is a pretty important question that I thought someone could help me with. I have been shopping for laptops lately for electrical engineering. Im just curious if a number pad should be a very big priority? I don't know how much I will have to type numbers with my laptop or whether I will be using the computers in the lab more? If anyone has some experience with this and could let me know what they think that would be great.
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    No, a number pad shouldn't be a big priority. Numbers are typically on a keyboard near the top row...
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    For typing numbers, it's no big deal. If you are such a poor typist you can't hit the numbers of the top row accurately, learn to type properly - it will save you WAY more time for the rest of your life than it takes to learn.

    You can always buy a separate number pad if you really need one. There are also apps so you can use a smartphone as computer number pad.
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    I touch-type, and I very seldom use the number pad.
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    Ok thanks. I guess the reason I was asking is because I never learned how to use the numbers across the top very well compared to the number pad. Im just trying to decide between and acer and hp. The acer has a number pad but the hp has a sleeker design.
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    Most 15in and below size laptops exclude the number pad. 17in and above usually have the full normal layout with the number pad
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