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Laptop Docking Station?

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    I want to hook my laptop up so it can run through a different moniter/keyboard/mouse. Can that be achieved using a laptop docking station? Or is a docking station just ment to have a separate keyboard, but still use the laptop screen?

    I hope Im clear about what I am after here :smile:

    As well, if the docking station does allow for the use of a separate monitor, will I have to keep the laptop open? Or can I keep it closed (and of course keep it will powered on)

    I would much rather use a regular keyboard and different monitor when I am at home... If I am going about this in the wrong direction, and anyone point me in the right direction?:biggrin:
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    You can connect a monitor to the external VGA port... and use that instead of the laptop screen.

    You can connect a mouse and keyboard via USB (or bluetooth).

    If you configure the OS to remain on (and not go into hibernation or standby) while the screen is closed, you can go ahead and close it.

    The docking station is useful for easy access to such features (or to local printers or other devices [like scanners]) that you don't need on the road... and that can remain all hooked up at the office.
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    Thank you. Just what I wanted to know :)

    Anyone tried/own a docking station? Or any comments on the different docking stations?

    Such as how easy is it you attach laptop to it? ie. have to shut down laptop before attaching it to the docking station, or can you just place it ontop and its done?
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    I used to use a docking station when I worked at Ford. My laptop, folded, up, would just slide right into the station. I had a large monitor on top and a full sized keyboard and mouse. You would have thought I had a desktop computer. I liked the set up very much. It definitely was the best of both worlds.
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    I think that you will find that the docking stations are not universal. You will need to get a docking station for the specific type of labtop you own. There are few choises to be made. I have a docking station that I am indending to use with a nice laptop which has broken lid hinges, opening and closing is problematic. I want to tie it to the TV in my bedroom, then with a wireless keyboard/mouse and my wireless network be able to go online without even having to get out of bed.
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