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Laptop For Class

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    I am currently buying a laptop for my first ChemE class and I have settled on an HP I was wondering what feedback or comments other people might have. The notebook I'm ordering has all the most up to date ports (tv, firewire, USB 2.0, etc.) I ordered it with a MD Turion(TM) 64 ML-34 (1.8GHz/1MB L2 Cache) processor and 1GB of RAM. As I have to be able to run HYSYS, ChemCAD and the like on my computer performance is important to me.

    So basically I am just interested in hearing what people think of HP in terms of value, and of my specific specs in terms of functionality for my purposes.
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    Although i have a laptop, i still havent planned to use it in school at all...
    In most case, writting is faster than typing in science classses due to the use of symbles.

    My answer is that I will go with Fujitsu. Fuijtsu's laptop is really good. Although it is expensive, but it hasnt frozen for 3 damn years... not once. HP isnt a bad brand too.
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    Unless your classrooms are wired for interconnectivity particularly with the prof and his/her notes, I think I would find computers highly inconvenient for taking notes primarily for the reasons Leon pointed out.

    Also, from the perspective of the other side, it's distracting to an instructor when students are clacking away at the keyboard and not necessarily engaged in notetaking or class participation! :)
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    TBH, Apple Powerbooks are really nice but they're coming out with Intel versions in 2007.
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    The class has wireless internet access to notes and more importantly to use HYSYS I have to be connected to the internet in the classroom. I agree laptops in class are inconvenient otherwise.
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    I have an HP notebook computer, as a mater of fact, I am using it right now.
    I like HP from my experience with then, they have always given me good service and quality products, I have no problems with them.

    I dont bring the laptop to class though, it is more of a personal preference than anything else, it keeps me more focused on the class at hand and I find it just easier to take notes the "old fasion" way.
    Plus, in some of my classes (or rather just 1), the teacher is quite strict about NO open laptops during class, if she sees it, then ... lets just say you dont want to know. But most teachers leave it up to the student, thinking that at this level they are responcible enough to know what works best.
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    you might get more response to types of laptops under the computer section of the forums.

    And I've had a bad history with hp's so I don't ever touch them.
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    Fujitsu Amillo 1360D is what I'd recommend with a gig of ram and AMD 64 3700+, also check out the 6000 series HP's I believe they have one with a 4000+ cpu for just over a thousand $
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