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Laptop Recommendation

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    I want to buy a laptop with 3+GB of Ram, a 250+GB Hard Drive, and a good processor. I am going to be using it for College, what could someone recommend.
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    I recommend you buy a powerful desktop and light weight notebook. You will save money and have greater capability in the long run.

    Otherwise Asus and Sager are good brands. Stay away from Dell, Acer, Toshiba, HP, Compaq, and Gateway.
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    I already have the desktop, but why don't you recommend HP? I had one a few years ago and it worked really well for what I used it for.
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    I have an Asus which leaves parts (screws etc) around when I lift it from a table...
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    lol weak.
    but yea I just purchased a laptop for school 3 weeks ago and I went w/ hp. I personally like their computers but I do have a friend that spoke badly of them. I don't know why. A lot of my desktops growing up have been hps and they only gave us trouble when my family or I screwed something up.
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    I have heard people speak badly of every single PC manufacturer, and everyone has their good and bad experiences with each company. All I can recommend is stay away from the cheapie brands. I would recommend the business notebooks however. In my experience, these have held up the best over time.

    In today's world, I would recommend a 64bit operating system. Vista has grown on me, and I am no longer hateful towards it since I have had it. I actually think XP is ugly now, and I love the security in Vista. I used to have a lot of third party software to make my XP secure, but with Vista, I only need an antivirus and I am good to go.

    I do have a hp consumer model dv4 notebook now, and I wish I had went with the business notebook I had before, which was better to me in every way.
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    Dude, get the tablet pc's. It's mad convenient to be able to flip the screen over and write notes in it. It's really the best option if you plan to take notes in class, using your laptop. Trying to use the keyboard, entirely, is a pain in the *** when you have to draw something out. This is especially so in computer science, since professors like drawing pictures to help you visualize invisible things.
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    The problem with that is that they are so expensive, I'm going to have to save up this summer. I don't that much money on a laptop, if you can find some for a good price could you give me a link. I really want a tablet PC but the price is holding me back.
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