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Laptop repair

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    my laptop fell on its power inlet with the charger plug in it and I think that something might have been broken. whatever is supposed to be at the back of the inlet, or at the end of the charger is what i think broke. My assumption is that it is the ground pin. how should I go about fixing this, I could return it since it is under warranty but I don't know how long acer would take to get my laptop back to me—my assumption is that it would be a long time. how should i go about fixing this?
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    Is it broken or bent?
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    Do you have any experience with a soldering iron? if No, then just send it back to them and have it repaired, you'll be better off in the long run.
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    It is broken. And I don't have the part that broke off.

    Yea, I'm used to soldering, but since i don't have the part that broke off, what can I substitute? Plus I'm not too sure where it has to be soldered back.
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    Laptop circuit boards tend to be pretty tight with not a lot of room between component solder points. Unless you have really really stead hands and a really really fine tip on your soldering iron, you stand a good chance of soldering together bits that shouldn't be soldered together. Then you'd really be up the creek without a paddle. Easiest thing to do is send it back
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    I should send it back, but I really cannot do without my laptop for the period of time which I assume it would be gone away.
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