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Laptop to computer

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    Laptop to TV

    I have a laptop. The Brand is http://www.hyundaipcau.com/index2.htm [Broken] from Australia. It works fine, but I recently learned from a cousin that he could connect his Laptop to his TV using an S-video to RF cable. He couldn't get audio, but could see the video on TV.(Btw, he used a separate microphone - RF cable for the audio)

    Anyway, determined to try it, I bought an S-video cable and tried it, but it doesn't work for my laptop. I know there is nothing wrong with the cable because it works fine for my Handycam.

    My questions are:
    1) What could possibly be wrong with my laptop? It doesn't work with a projector either. I contacted the computer guy who usually fixes things which are wrong with my computer(s), but he doesn't know what to do either.

    2) Is there another (and, preferably, economical) way to connect my laptop to my TV?
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