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Laptops that can take abuse

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    I decided to install some pretty processing and RAM intense programs lately (some of which activate when the computer is idle) and I noticed my computer was getting kind of hot. So I check the built in health monitor to find that the heat was still within the safe range, but my battery no longer reads as "excellent" and is now "fair." I'm taking precautions against future damage by capping said programs and using outlet power for the moment. I'm also using an external cooling pad, just in case. Part of the problem is that I often have things running for extended periods of time and I have my computer run at night (though again, on a cooling system) for a number of other reasons. It's not on 24/7 or anything...erm well, it's not "awake" 24/7? Do you think I could cut down on some of the hurt it's taking by simply shutting it down instead of hibernating it sometimes?

    I know that every computer has it's limits, but do you guys know any laptops that can really take heavy usage...or would it be more sensible to only worry about these things for a desktop? I would really like to have the portability of a laptop, but there are some intensive computational processes that I would like to run, too. I don't want to kill my laptop (or any future one).

    Thanks for any and all advice!
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    Also, I believe that you can be proactive by 'shutting down' instead of hibernating. Don't quote me, but I have heard that 'hibernating' is not really that much better (at least from an energy saving perspective) than while 'awake.' I would look into this since the numbers I have heard were pretty bad.
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