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Larch Mountain, Oregon

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    What's special about Larch Mtn?
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    The view. One can see Mt Hood to the east and Mt St. Helens to the north. I'm wondering if Mt. Adams is visible.

    The place is readily accessible from the Portland metropolitan area.
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    Helens and Adams are in this picture from the same day. Rainier is in the middle but hard to see.
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    Not quite in the middle, from my calculations:

    Code (Text):

    Angle and pixel distance from Sherrard Point, Larch Mt., Oregon
    0° is due east
    Mountain           angle  dist pixels    dist miles/km    elev ft/m
    Larch              n/a    n/a            n/a              4100/1200
    St. Helens         97°    135            51/82            8400/2500
    Ranier             82°    255            95/152         14,000/4400
    Adams              61°    157            56/91          12,000/3700
    Hood              332°     60            21/34          11,000/3400
    Jefferson         285°    169            59/94          10,000/3200
    Slightly to the left of middle.

    Haven't been to Larch Mt. in at least 20 years.
    We used to go all the time when I was little.
    It was the poor man's Mt. Hood, when you had a lust for snow.
    (It almost never snows in Portland)

    Hmmm...... I have no recollection of Sherrard Point, from those days.
    I suppose it makes sense. Why drive 30 miles, to see mountains, when you can view them from your front porch.

    ps. I'm the adorable one. Never mind my camera hogging little idiot brother.
    pps. I don't know who the girls are to my left and right. I'm guessing inbred cousins. We don't talk about them.
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