Large building expert needed

  1. hi,

    i assume this would be a structural engineer or an architect.

    i assume that an architect would have to have a good understanding of physics, especially when designing large buildings.

    i assume that there are regulations based on the historical performance of various construction techniques and that there are geographical variations.

    what other disciplines would have the expertise to offer advice in the construction of buildings over 20 floors in height?
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    civil engineers, mechanical engineers specializing in building construction, electrical engineers for the electrical circuits, HVAC engineers -

    You're going to want a team of people.

    From my (fairly limited with this topic - it's been almost a decade since I last worked with them) experience, the architects plan the layouts to make sure the floorplans make sense and the building looks nice. The engineers make sure it won't fall down. An architect with a lot of relevant experience may have a 'gut feel' for it, but it will be an engineer or an engineering company which signs off on the design.
  4. Thank you ever so much for your reply.
    From your answer it seems that I'm looking for a mechanical engineer specializing in building construction.
    I'm just at the consultation stage so I won't need the team just yet.

    So where might I find a mechanical engineer on this board?
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    I'm a mechanical (HVAC) engineer, but if I were in your position I would contact someone in the industry in your local area.
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