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Large liver in cheetahs

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    I know that cheetahs have large lungs, a large heart, and a large liver.

    I can understand why they have large lungs and a large heart. It is so they can get enough oxygen to their muscles during a sprint.

    But why do they have a large liver? Do their red blood cells die really fast or something?

    And if you are going to tell me to speak to a professional about my obsession with cheetahs(and the professional might tell me to take care of some cheetah cubs to eventually release them back into the wild and see what that is like(this would probably strengthen my obsession with cheetahs)) let me tell you this. Cheetahs are 1 of my favorite cats.
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    The liver is not only involved in recycling red blood cells. The liver is involved in many aspects of metabolism, such as storing carbohydrates and recycling lactic acid after anaerobic exercise (via the Cori cycle), which are probably help cheetahs to sprint as fast as they do.
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    Both the liver and the spleen are involved in recycling red blood cells. This is why Jaundice can be a sign of liver disease.
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    I stand corrected. Thanks.
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