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Large number

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    Well, I answered this question in a different forum in quite a hurry. So, if you can get it first, hurray for you.

    You have a 14 digit number. The number begins with 4 and ends with 3.

    The trick:
    the number has two of each numbers 1-7 in it. The 7's have 7 spaces between them. The 6's have six spaces in between them. The 5's have 5 spaces in between them. So on and so forth, down to the 1's have 1 space between them.


    Paden Roder
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    Answer in white:

    Multiply 36825889 by 1253777 to find the answer.
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    Eman.....plz explain how u got it
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    Correctomundo. Like rajesh said, IF you solved this using some mathematical formula, please do tell. If you are like me and just did the trial and error thing, there really is no explaination.

    Others feel free to still answer the question.

    Paden Roder
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