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Large scale electromagnetic hover sculpture HELP [really quite ]

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    large scale electromagnetic hover sculpture... HELP!! [really quite urgent...]


    Hiya all~~ i'm a design student, and i'm in search of anyone who may be able to assist in determining the feasibility of the above design... URGENTLY...

    i have conceptualised a design for a free-floating chrome ball sculpture on a somewhat large scale, and now i would like to know whether the design, or even the concept, is feasible.

    the original concept involves electromagnets lining the bowl, all of an opposite polarity to the centre dome structure (if possible built of the lightest possible material, fibreglass of some kind perhaps) whose polarity is provided by an electromagnet housed inside the structure, which brings me to my first question:

    1. is it possible to have an entirely negative/positive only polarity on an object? electromagnet?

    cos i assume any magnet would have both poles and therefore a strict repellent force from the surrounding electromagnets would be quite impossible.

    my second concept on this design is the most feasible one, and it's more like the illustration. the chrome ball's end facing down is of opposite polarity to the surrounding electromagents, and suspended/attached to the base of the bowl structure via a cable of some sort (which can also provide power to the electromagnet housed within the ball) now for my 2nd question:

    2. how much power would it take approximately to power electromagnets for something on this scale? is the power drain feasible for a purely decorative sculpture?

    3. is there a material that is magnetic-field retardant? such as isolate the electromagnetic field to within the bowl, so that passer-bys would not have their gold tooth ripped out of them.

    4. IF something like this was built, how large would the electromagnetic field be, if no magnetic shielding is employed? and how large would the field be if there WAS shielding employed?

    5. a professor in the physics labs informed me of something called an induction coil, where coils are wound one way and the topmost coil is reversed, and this produces within the coil a zone of zero force, or whatever he called it. he said that within this central zone one could levitate a small object - would that work? and along that same vein, the practicality of emplying a large-scale induction coil? power drain? implications?

    thank you sooooo much for enduring to the end of my long-winded post, any any any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated!!
    (and i really do need it soon... it's a sort of short project...)
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