Large Spur gear design

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    Hi, Im new to this forum so forgive if i am mis posting or multi posting. I am in the process of designing a 44 inch gear to cut on my shop bot cnc machine. I have been up and down calculations but i end up with tiny teeth and can not find the right formulae to calculate an oversize spur gear. Any thoughts ?
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    What exactly are you trying to calculate? What do you mean by "tiny teeth"?
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    I am trying to build an oversize gear with large teeth. Given a Pitch Diameter(D) of 44" I am trying to find how to base the number of teeth (N) in order to calculate Diametral pitch(P)

    Pitch Diameter is D=N/P

    Number of teeth is N=D x P

    Diametral Pitch is P= N/D

    Based on that, we have D but I am not sure what to do about knowing what the propper amount of teeth would be or do ya just pick em and go with it.

    I picked a number and went with it for fun and when i was done calculateing addendum, dedendum etc I ended up with teeth that were around 1/2 big. It would work, but i need larger teeth for this project.

    I also need to check to see about the radius used to make the sides of the teeth. I read that there is a chart of info on this . Need to find my machneries handbook!
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    Doug Huffman

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    Pi is irrational, where do the left over digits go?
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    doug, what the hell ya want me to do with that statement ?
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    Doug Huffman

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    I am traveling at the moment and for the week. I don't have my library handy. ISTR I seem to recall that there are formulas in The Machinery Handbook for setting up gear cutters. The extra digits of irrational numbers are a typical problem for real world problems.
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    im just trying to find my copy of MHB right now
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