Large VEVs in SUSY gauge theories

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N=1 supersymmetric gauge theories usually have moduli spaces of vacua that are parametrized by vacuum expectation values of the scalar components of chiral superfieds. Often these are lifted quantum mechanically due to non-perturbative effects.

For example in the lectures hep-th/9509066 on p. 12 it is mentioned that giving large VEVs to the fields will break gauge symmetry at a high scale where the (asymptotically free) theory is weakly coupled and where semi-classical methods are reliable. But where exactly are these semi-classical methods in the following derivation of the ADS superpotential for SQCD with N_f<N_c? Is it just that the scales of the high- and low energy theories can be matched by a one-loop calculation (p. 14)? The unbroken gauge group is strongly coupled at low energies, no matter how large the VEVs were.

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