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Laser array

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    I am trying to build the instrument according to this link http://www.inventgeek.com/2009-Projects/Laser-Instrument/page5.aspx [Broken] I am having problems with lasers.I can not focus the laser dot on the photoresistor.So I thought about laser array(fabricated)but i could not find it.So I am now thinking about line laser.But it doesn't have parallel laser lines.(like this http://www.dragonlasers.com/catalog/photos/products/LLGL04.jpg)What [Broken] kind of optic setup can create parallel lines act like http://a.imageshack.us/img13/4710/diodos.png [Broken] or any other suggestion?
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    Your question does not make sense. Do you mean parallel beams from different lasers, or from the same laser?
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    Right Chris,infact I mean parallel beams from the same laser check this(http://www.bitmakers.com/files/imagenes/550_fp_lx2v.jpg)Is [Broken] it possible to create parallel beams from just a laser pointer with an optical setup?And what kind of setup does this job?
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    The cheapest way to achieve parallel beam array would be by using diffractive grating and small mounted mirrors, though it will be very hard to set precisely mirrors because of small incident beam angles.

    Of course the easiest way and also quite cheap would be just to buy as much laser diodes as needed.
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    The image you linked to just looks like a collimater.

    You can collimate a beam quite easily by matching the divergence of the beam with a lens of a particular focal length.

    If you explain your problem in more detail, we can assist more.

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    I built a ldr array(approx.30 ldrs)All of them adjacent.I want to focus laser beams on them.So I have to put laser diode in front of each ldr.And important part is each ldr must have its beam from the front one.But glueing is problem so I want to do it with a line laser.I thought convex lens can be helpful with creating parallel lines like in the pic http://www.metralight.com/images/AXA_web.jpg Today I noticed laser ray box while googling. http://www.a3bs.com/imagelibrary/U17301/U17301_05_Laser-Optics-Supplemental-Set-with-Laser-Ray-Box.jpg [Broken] I wanna know the easiest way to do it.
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    I am sure this optical setup will be perfect.


    I will use ldrs as sensor receiver.When object placed between sensor and lens,it will have a dark projection of object on ldr array.

    Will a red line laser and collimater lens be enough to create parallel beams?
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