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Laser basics

  1. Jul 30, 2017 #1
    Hey guys!

    I am currently working on some tasks to improve and expand my skills,
    but I can not go on with the following task

    An Nd-YAG laser (D=5mm diameter) is focussed with a lens (f = 200mm).

    I: How big is the laser beam at its waist? (Solved)

    II: What is the largest bundle behind the lens occurring in the optical axis (beam axis)? (Solved)

    III: How long is the zone around the waist in which the beam is smaller than 0.2mm? (Solved)

    IV: What is the average power density? (P= 3 Watt)

    V: What is the peak power when the laser delivers the 3 watts in the form of 10000 pulses per second, each of which is 20 ns long?

    Already identified solutions

    To I:

    (1060nm wavelength)

    d= 2,44 α x f / D
    I get as size for the laser beam at a waist of 1.035x10-4m

    ((2,44x1.06x10-6m x 2 x 10-1m)/5x10-3m)

    To II:

    tan α = 0,5D - 0,5 d /f

    = 2,5 x 10-3m - 0,5 x 1.035 x 10 -4m / 2 x 10 -1m
    = 0,01225
    tan -1(0,01225)=0,702
    α = 0,7°

    To III:

    tan α = 0,2mm / a
    a = 0,2mm / tan α

    To IV:
    I = P / A =

    P = 3 W

    I= 3W / 0,5 x 1.035 x 10-4m2Pi

    Am I right with these considerations / approaches?

    Can you help me with the last two tasks?

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