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Homework Help: Laser Beams

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    I was wondering if anyone has ever seen a movie where some people are robbing a bank or art gallery, and they spray something to make the laser beams show.

    Does anyone know what type of spray could do this?

    I have tried google, and I didn't know if this is the right place to ask this.

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    Well anything that produces a visible aerosal will work. Hell I think you can just blow smoke into an area and the lasers will reflect .
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    Yeah, the worst thing ever to hit a laser lab is a ban on smoking. That was the quickest way to find a beam. Light up a cig and blow some smoke.
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    When I was in school, the first time our physics teacher taught us optics, (refraction, etc) he bought a laser pointer, different types of lenses, a prism and a big plastic box. He took his cigarette lighter, lit an incense stick and put it in the box to fill it with smoke. Then he went on to show the various properties of light during refraction. It was pretty cool :cool:
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    Hello to all. My name is Warren I am new here and have a question or two. please keep in mind an forgive my ignorance and obvious lack of education here. I applogise ahead of time if any of my questions are basic or just stupid.

    as i belive light is a function of electromagnitism. is it posiable to control the beam of light as has been done with tv's with an electromagnet? i assume so. if you can is it posiable to help in the containment of the beams to narrow or tighen the beam with an electromagnet and if so allow for more than one laser beam to be trapped and forced into a tighter space and there by increase the power at convergence? not sure if i even asked the questions right. any thoughts. I have been reading your posts with interest. I am currently building or at lest attempting to build a laser cutting table using a newer form of hexapod robotic cnc mill of my own desine and I have a need to use multiple diode lasers. about 40 watt apice. i want to use about 3 of them and bring the beams togeather. now I know I am opening a can of worms here. but i think i may be able to pull it off if i can manage to bring the beam togeather correctly.

    thanks in advance for your kind reply's

    Phantasm robotics inc.
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