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Laser induced plasma channels and electrolasers?

  1. Feb 26, 2012 #1
    hey everyone.. im looking to generate a laser induced plasma channel along the majority of the length of the laser beam and was looking for some advice and input...

    i was wondering if anyones done any experimentation with laser induced plasma channels and may have some information as to the best wavelength for creating a plasma channel?...

    ive read from other projects that it takes relatively low power to create a plasma channel using an 808nm infrared laser of course focused into a finer beam through a lense, but im curious as to what effect an increase of power in the laser itself might have.. i was thinking of using a 1W 808nm infrared solid state laser and test what happens differently between a steady stream

    around this laser beam itself will be a torroid shaped electrode to collect any energy that may travel up the stream and back to the laser itself, as well as inject electrical currents and electrical frequencies into the channel

    so.. has anyone done any testing of this sort? id be interested in hearing about results..

    my goal in this is basically wireless power distribution and maybe, if i had a plasma channel long enough, i would try to use it as a lightning rod to collect energy from storms and perhaps find some way to store it.. but for now i mostly want to play with the concept and see just what its limits are on a 1W or less power scale
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