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Laser plasma Interacions

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    I need a book about laser plasma interactions for my thesis.
    I'm reading P. Gibbon book "Short Pulse Laser Interaction with Matter" and further reading the autor suggests to use Kruer book "The physics of laser plasma interaction".
    This book is not available in my university and before buing it I would like to know if it is good or if there is an online free version somewhere just to have a look at it.

    P.S.: my tutor gave me no answer about the same problem, so please help me.
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    I'm puzzled. You need a book for a written thesis? As a toss-it-out-there reference, or is there something specific you need to learn from the book? It's a really complex topic and Bill is pretty engrossed in this stuff, so having a free look will do nothing for you, except perhaps scare you off the topic.
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    I know it's a complex topic, but I want to have a look at Kruer's book before buying it, just to see if it is good for what I need
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