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Laser Pointer pen

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    Hi all, i am doing a project to make a laser pointer that can connect to the PC wirelessly. Here's how it works.
    -using the modified laser pointer, shine it on the screen from anywhere in the room and the dots/lines will remain on the screen until the user changes slide.

    Background: once the laser pointer is switched on, the webcam from the PC will begin recording all the traces of the laser shone on the screen. All these detected traces will then be projected back on the screen.

    Question: I already have the laser pointer done up but the problem i am facing now is how do I link it up with the PC wirelessly. As mentioned, the laser pointer will be equipped with a bluetooth transmitter which will send a signal to the PC's webcam once the laser pointer is activated. As I am not good in programming or software writing and stuff, i was wondering if anyone could provide help on how I can solve this laser pointer to PC communication problem as I have not a single idea on how i can link them up at the moment. Thanks.

    *I really do hope there are programmable bluetooth adapters in the market which also provides step by step software compilers to aid in my task*
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    Instead of bluetooth, maybe check out the Wireless USB resources from Cypress Semiconductor. That may be an easier way to go.
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    hey, thanks alot. i've visited the site and found many useful hardwares which i can consider as an alternative. thanks once again =)
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