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Laser Range Finders

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    (sorry if this is in the wrong forum)

    Does anyone know where a good laser range finder can be purchased, for a relatively small amount of money. It needs to have a range of 1m to 200m (preferably more), with high accuracy (couple centimeters). I've been looking for a while, and so far, i've been unsuccessful. (A 2D range finder would be nicer even though, but i haven't found Any of those).

    Or, if no one knows where one of these could be bought, perhaps some advice on Building one? Is it possibly/plausible? I'm relatively new to optics, but i'll learn what i have to.

    (Btw, this needs to be an eye-safe laser) :smile:
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    ?? These things are laser 'tape measures' sold at larger hardware outlets for about $AUD 40 to 80.
    Remember.. Dont stare into the laser beam with your remaining eye... (There isnt really an 'eye safe' laser!)
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    A properly classified laser, properly used, presents no risk to eyesight.
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    "relatively small amount of money" and "high accuracy" are mutually exclusive. What exactly are you going to use this for?
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    haha yah, i love when people say that. I want a cheap particle accelerator please! Actually i need a laser range finder for my golf game. Im pretty good at finding out which fairway my ball ends up on... but i have no real sense of distance :rofl:
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    heh, been away from the comp for a while, thanks for the replies.

    the reason for the low budget is that unless i can get a grant from somewhere, my high school physics dept. would have to foot the bill.

    I need this for a project in which we have a robot draw for us a 3d image of whereever it is, and have the robot make descisions based on certain factors. Though, we've seen this has already been done, so we're extending it a bit further into something else ;)

    We've already accomplished this with an extremely inaccurate SONAR module, so we know it works, we just don't have the money to get what we want right now :-p
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