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Laser safety

  1. Apr 1, 2017 #1

    I plan to purchase the above laser level tool that can project laser in lines.. it has included goggles for safety. There are many devices with lasers now. May I know what is the safe laser level for the eyes and what range or values before the retinas can be damaged? Thank you.
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    A list of laser classes

    Your product says Class II, ie less than 1 mW of power output in the visible range, from that system of classification.
    The blink reflect of the eye is the means of not hurting the eye.
    Refrain from looking directly into the laser, nor the light from a reflective surface such as a mirror or polished metal.

    The safety goggles - one pair protects you, but what about others that make come into vicinity.
    For a class II laser, the goggles are a nice addition, but as long as your eyes can blink, they probably aren't needed.
    I would use them while setting up the system.

    also NOTE: the protection provided by the goggles is wavelength specific. They will not provide protection for any other color laser, or infrared laser, in which case you need to get a pair for that color.
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    If the color of the laser is red.. should the googles be red too or what color can counteract red.. or if the color of the laser is green, googles should be green or all colors except green? Thanks.
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    In many respects that would be something to consider, but I hesitate to give a complete validation as to the color of the lens, as peoples eyes are at stake.
    When the energy output of the laser becomes great enough, the blink reflex is just too slow to mitigate damage which can happen in an instant.
    You, and people around you, should be OK for the equipment you plan on purchasing.
    But, practice safety and enforce it. Make sure no one ever looks and stares directly at the laser, and never point it at anyone or any animal.

    For a higher powered lasers, of which there are some on the market as laser pointers, one definitely needs protection.

    Things to take into account:
    - the lens should absorb the light and not just reflect it, so color might not be the best or only criteria for selection.
    - laser can be emitting in the invisible; the lens will have to stop that from entering the eye.

    Here is a site that looks good in explanations and products available.
    It is worth a perusal.
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    You should know that red goggles are red because they transmit red light... kinda logical... so they won't protect you against a red laser!
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