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Laser simulation using comsol

  1. Mar 1, 2010 #1
    Hey im trying to create a comsol model to simulate laser forming using comsol. As a starting point im using the heating with a moving laser tutorial and adapting from there.

    The first stage is to model the beam modes. I the tutorial the beam is treated as being infitesimally thin and is modeled using a 1D geomerty line the same length as material thinkness.

    Ive tried to model the laser using 3D geomerty as a cylinder and then used the beam intensity equations through the thickness to simulated the beam thickness. However I keep getting "ror: 6262
    Extrusion coupling operator interpolation failed for at least one point: no source point found
    - Geometry: 3
    - Subdomain: 1
    - Destination coordinates: [0.0015; 0.04; 0.00108145932313381], [0.0015; 0.04; 0.001065850060828009], [0.0015; 0.04; 0.001080691388131417], [0.0015; 0.04; 0.001064698498982615], [0.0015; 0.04; 0.001080525626045624], ...
    Failed to evaluate variable Jacobian.
    - Variable: T" When I try and solve the model.

    The next stage would be to implement the intensity profile of the various beam modes over the thickness of the beam.

    If anyone has any ideas or can help me solve this error please let me know
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