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Medical Laser skin treatments

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    There's a lot of advertising out here for laser treatments for all types of skin problems (acne, discoloration, wrinkles, etc). Here's one of the places that does these treatments:
    http://www.laserhq.com/1/index.html [Broken]

    Do you think laser treatments work? How do lasers fix so many different problems?
    Here's a list of all the special equipment they have:

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    The lasers burn off the top layers of skin, so they do reduce the appearance of wrinkles, discolorations, etc....

    In the old days, people had chemical "peels" that ate off the top layers of skin. Very painful and slow to heal. The lasers are a great improvement.

    Joan Rivers had a chemical peel, then repeated face lifts until now she looks like the Riddler in the Batman comics.
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