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Laser steam generation

  1. May 5, 2014 #1
    I am working on a new concept design and would like some suggestions on which Lasers(s) would be most appropriate for heating a high pressure vessel for producing steam. The concept requires very quick steam generation but heat can not be excessive enough to harm the vessel being heated. As a starting point, 115 degrees C should be sufficient. My concept calls for a number of lasers used in a concentric sprial application.
    Any Thoughts?
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    Welcome to the PF.

    That's an extremely inefficient way to heat a vessel. Can you say why you want to use lasers instead of just using nichrome wire?
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    I concur. Heat by laser is not very efficient. Current solid state lasers are much better than other technologies used in the past. But still, multi-kilowatt lasers sufficient for any kind of significant heating will require a lot of input energy...most of which goes up in waste heat. What size vessel? Lasers typically only achieve sufficient power density (watt/cm^2) to do useful thermal work when focused to a small spot. And THAT is one of the primary useful features of lasers: focusing to a small spot.
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    Current boiler technology is about 88% efficient in transferring the heat of combustion into turning water into superheated steam. It's not clear how quick 'very quick' is for the OP's application. Also, you don't necessarily want to heat the pressure vessel to generate the steam: you want to heat the water inside the PV.
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