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LASERs and LASER optic's

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    Hello folks of physics. Can anyone tell me about some exotic photon lifetime definitions for photons in laser cavity? I mean, I looked in all sorts of books related to that topic, and the entire bunch of authors use the same definition: cavity exiting energy through dissipated power; or definition through losses in active material. what confuses me is that they all give definitions of energy in dependence of energy density, and power in intensity, but no one has actually connected those relations in photon time dependence. I would like to research this topic more, so I ask you for the starter help, in any reference, literature connected to the topic, etc.
    thanks in advance...
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    Found it. if someone is interested look at article Bloch wave formalism of photon lifetime in DFB lasers.
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    http://faculty.uml.edu/cbaird/qcl/Output_Power.pdf" [Broken]
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    tnx. I also found some interesting data and info about energy velocity and its relations to photon lifetime , that is equivalent to group velocity but given as mean value of poynting vector(witch is almost same thing as the intensity ) and an energy density. I am interested: is it possible to found relation to photon lifetime definition as integral of energy density (integral of only one spatial coordinate) through intensity
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