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Lasers as an energy source

  1. Oct 4, 2013 #1
    if lasers produce so much power why can't we use it as an energy source
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    Well to get a laser beam you have to supply energy right? If laser is used as an energy source you are getting nothing but the same energy you had supplied, practically lesser perhaps...
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    Here are schematics of three laser devices; red laser pointer, green laser pointer and a Helium–neon laser. Where are the energy sources (power supplies) in the pictures?


    Helium–neon laser:
    http://www.olympusconfocal.com/java/henelasers/henelasersfigure1.jpg [Broken]
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    some can produce terawatts of power so where do they get all that energy to feed into the laser
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    Power is not energy. Terawatt lasers produce very short pulses.

    As others have pointed out, lasers are not a source of energy. The consume more energy than what comes out in the form of light.
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