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Homework Help: Last Final Review Problems

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    1. A ball A is thrown vertically upwards from the ground at a velocity of 20 m/s. A second identical ball is thrown vertically upwards, at the same velocity, one second later from a platform 10 meters above the ground. The two balls will be at the same height above ground when ...

    a. A is travelling upwards and B is travelling downwards.
    b. A is travelling downwards and B is travelling upwards.
    c. A is travelling upwards and B is also travelling upwards.
    d. A has reached its maximum height.

    2. Two satellites, S1 and S2, are orbiting a planet. S1 has a mass of m and an orbiting radius of r. S2 has a mass of 2m and an orbiting radius of 2r. What is the ratio of the force of S2 to that on S1?

    a. 4:1
    b. 2:1
    c. 1:2
    d. 1/4:1

    Please help
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    Show us an attempt to solve these, and then ask for some help
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