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Homework Help: Last part

  1. Apr 13, 2008 #1
    last part!!!!!



    There are two standard methods for the solar energy to be trapped and used domestically. One is to use solar cells, which convert the radiation energy to electrical energy. The other is to use a solar panel, which absorbs the solar radiation to heat water.

    You are to design laboratory experiments to compare the energy conversion rates of the two systems, in order to find out which is more efficient. The energy source should be a standard 150 W bulb connected to the 230V

    Your account should include:
    1.A diagram and brief details of how you would set up the solar cell to measure the power output of the cell
    2.A diagram and brief details of how you would set up the experiment to measure the rate of heating of water by the bulb.
    3.The procedures to be followed in your investigations
    4.Any particular features of design that may ensure the accuracy of your experiments
    5.A brief discussions of other factors to be taken into account when comparing the two methods

    I have done points 1 to 3.
    I need help on the 4th and 5th

    Here is wat I think:
    is it relevent to talk about suraface area, height from where the light is shone, or insulating the test tube containing water??
    but I am confused, under which points the above should come?
    Please help!!!

    Many thanks
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