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Testing Last regular Cal 3 exam today

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    And, just a few minutes ago, I realized I forgot to square a constant in solving for rho in spherical coordinates in determining the limits of integration for a triple integral. I got cosine of phi as 1/2, which gives phi as pi/6, but since I forgot to square the two, it actually is pi/4. :mad:

    The methods became a bit fuzzy, so I felt rushed in conjuring them up from my mind. A little after two hours, I was only about the third person or so to be finished.
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    I just a constant. I wouldn't worry about it too much, but sometimes these kind of mistakes are the most frustrating I guess!
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    Well, I found out I made a 101 on the exam. There were some bonus points.

    But, tonight, I made a few mistakes on my last regular University Physics I exam. I realized I did a problem correctly, but changed it incorrectly. On another problem, the answer I was getting wasn't making any sense!
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