Latch and flip flop

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    Is latch a type of flip-flop? i'm confuse.
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    basically a latch stores data on one of the levels of a clock signal (when the signal is either 1 or 0), while the flip-flop stores data on one of the edges of the clock signal (either falling edge or rising edge).

    try this
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    FF is a type of Latch

    Using a Latch, you can make a Gated Latch.

    Using a Gated Latch, you can make a Flip Flop.

    So, FFs are a subset of Gated Latches, which are subsets of the basic Latch (two transistors).

    Have you tried using a 74LS series Gated latch chip (don't remember exact part number) to make a Flip Flop? Try it!!!

    Use a gated SR Latch to make an SR Flip Flop.. how? Before the Gate input... make your own custome Pulse Transition Detector.

    So your PTD circuitry has to convert a level change into a short spike. You figure a circuit out!!! (There are a bilion ways to do this)
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