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Late Bloomers

  1. Jul 31, 2008 #1
    For fun let me ask:

    Anybody know anyone that started Math and Physics very late in their life?
    Any famous people who did that?
    What was the latest?

    Anyone know any PhD hobbyist?

    Any comments about trying it?
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    What is a PhD hobbyist? I was thinking that you might be referring to people who do a PhD as a hobby, but that's really unlikely I suppose, unless one were referring to philosophy. No offence to the philosophers.
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    Someone that does a PhD for non-monetary reasons or without a burning desire to prove oneself; but rather, most likely, for the sheer love of the subject matter.
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    I thought everyone who does PhDs would do it for passion and not money.
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    A PhD does little to enhance your potential income earning capabilities. I would say that I started maths and physics in my 3rd year at University; I wish I'd started sooner.
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    I knew I would get that response. Still there are those that need the money that the PhD generates - and so, are often led down a path that they might not otherwise follow because of it even if it.

    Anyway, any greats - I think Fermat and de Broglie might fit in this category - or just regular folk that any one knows of that fit this characterization? Also, how about the late starters?
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    Thanks for your reply.
    See my previous post.
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    I did. Messed up high-school because I didn't care. Two years later I'm double-majoring in Math and Physics. I love it.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    Young Man.


    How about some real late starters.

    You can still be a professional at it.

    {Now there are two categories:
    Those that start late and those that don't need the money.

    :-) }
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    my girlfriends mother, got a B.S in biology when she graduated college. 26 years later she went back and got a degree in physics
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    Now you are talking.

    : - )
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    Actually, in Math and particularly Physics a PhD does increase your income a sizeable amount. . . That's what I have heard.
    With out it income is fairly low. A Master's degree can allow you to teach at the Community College level, though; which isn't too bad.
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