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Late nights

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    What are good remedies to stay up later?

    Yesterday night I went to bed at 12:30am, and tonight I have to do that again. But its only 9:30 and I am already sleepy. I keep falling asleep while typing my essay which is due tomorrow. :zzz: What should I eat or drink to stay up later?
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    I wish I had your problem. I have to get up at 7:30 every day and I can never get to sleep before 1-2 AM. And I don't drink coffee at all.
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    Ha! 7:30? That's nothing. I have to wake up at 6:00, and I generally stay awake until 12:30 or so...but I guess I get a lot of my best work done late at night. Yeah, it's pretty bad just after waking up, but it gets a lot better through the day. No coffee.

    As for staying up late...usually I drink tea if I have to. You could listen to music, if it doesn't disrupt your work. Or you could sleep more. :smile:
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    Is it a standard for people taking hard classes, such as AP, to stay up late or is that just an increnation of procrastination? I would like to know since I am going to take two next year.
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    It depends on the person more than the class, really. If you manage your time well or do your homework quickly, you shouldn't have problems. DON'T PROCRASTINATE (especially not when you're applying to Stanford and your application is due in 25 hours and 7 minutes and you have to finish your essays)!
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    Loud music, food, and drink. Metal and other obnoxious(sp?) music works well when just writing your first draft. For the final draft this might not work well, however.
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    Anyway I don't think any amount of coffee will really keep you up.
    No music is going to help you either...unless you really can't sleep if there is music on.
    If I were you I'd get the sleep now and then wake up early the next morning instead.
    You don't want to get into the habit of going to bed at 3.00 in the morning every night because you just feel like **** the next day and it is really hard to reset your sleeping pattern.
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    I will say this on behalf of me and 25 of my classmates who are taking AP US History along with AP Biology.

    You are bound to pull at least a near all nighter a few times. If you are really good at doing things right when they are assigned, it will happen less often but chances are you will slip. It's no longer procrastination for me, because I think to myself "ok, I have about 5 hours of homework tonight.... so I don't have time for this stupid project which is due in two weeks". Don't worry, I love it :approve:
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    The best way to stay up late is to sleep late in the morning. :biggrin:

    Barring that, coffee or other sources of caffeine work to some extent (but after a while, you balance it upsetting your stomach with not much more benefit to staying awake). Light exercise...you don't want to do a full-blown workout, that'll tire you out faster, but something just to get your body moving and your heart rate up a bit, like doing a few pushups or a quick jog up and down a flight of stairs. Hitting the shower helps for a short time. And then there's just that point where your body needs sleep and nothing is going to keep you from nodding off. Mental activities really should be done during your peak alertness times. If you're more of a morning person, it might be easier to wake up an hour or two earlier to get work done rather than trying to stay awake so late at night.
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    i stay up till 6 or 7am every night but i wake up at like 2-5pm depending if i have to work or not :eek:
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    Well, if you're trying to type up a paper AND stay up until 12:30AM, you'll probably have to add in something else because typing just might be putting you to sleep.:rofl:

    I usually put the TV on, grab a soda, and take breaks to listen to music. Mainly though, I just tell myself "Three hours is nothing, just keep fighting it" and that usually works. I now go to sleep at 4:00AM most nights.:biggrin:
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