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LaTeEx problems

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    Is anyone else finding problems with how the site is handling Latex?

    Firstly I tend not to see be able to see the WYSIWYG version in Preview Post. What I see is I think the first formula I wrote which does not change as I edit it. Only when I actually post do I see what it looks like.

    Then I when I edit an post the edited version, nothing has changed, or not all my edits appear. I finally get it right just doing the same thing several times, sometimes I may delete some symbols and then put them back. Eventually they have come right for me, but this thing is so cumbersome and annoying I cannot go on using it.

    I do not see how it could be my computer, keyboard or whatever. Has anyone else had these problems?
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    I delayed answering this until I had tried again. I got no better by using the refresh button. It really is very difficult to make it change from what you first wrote. I think I even saved my post in word, edited it there, deleted my post, went out of PF, re-opened PF, pasted in my modified post - and it still did not take on my edits but seemed to remember my previous post or actually made it a bit worse. It took an unconscionable time. It seems other posters have similar difficulty.

    Maybe there is some maintenance problem. I cannot imagine anyone selling or giving software that impractical. I shall use the symbols that I and now several posters have in their sigs. which hopefully will cover most needs, though it is not so good-looking. I did not experience this problem when I previously used tex a few months ago. It is now prohibitive to me in time to edit tex and helpers will not use something that seems to waste their time.
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