Lately, I have been very emotional, and I have no clue why. The other

  1. Lately, I have been very emotional, and I have no clue why. The other night, I was looking at some pics and started to cry, and I didn't even really know why, since I didn't know the people in them too well. Another thing, I randomly started to cry today, too.

    I'm kind of thinking, my job is getting to me or something. I don't normally show my emotions, well I do, but not in the sense of crying. It has been realy stressful and school is not helping in the matters either. They tend to lose stuff of mine, just like my old high school did. It seems to be a funning thing in my family. Not too long ago they informed my brother, they had no records of him attending there. He had already graduated and taken his boards to be a RN and passed, all he wants now is to further his education. Ahhh, it makes me want to pull my hair out and scream, though I won't do that. Gotta keep the hair looking nice, and be lady like.

    Any advise?!?!?!?!
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    You're just pregnant.
  4. Lisa!

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    Have you grown a crash on smeone recently?

    Well according to Dr. Cyrus's dignosis abortion is the cure!
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    do you feel hopelessly stuck in a situation you can't get out of? that's got to be the worst, if so. i suggesting finding a sledgehammer and something to smash.
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    Could be hormones. :uhh: During late teens, early 20's people go through significant emotional periods - based on personal observation. Welcome to adulthood.
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    Hahaha, very funny, Cy, but I think not!
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    No to the recent crush, cute guys walk by, sure, but like no real crushes, well...ok, I do take that best friend is trying to set me and this other guy up, and ok, yeah he is defantly what I would call my type. I do have a crush on him! He has just the right amount of nerdiness in him, so hott, plus good fashion sense! :biggrin:
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    This option does sound pretty good :) Now if I would know what to hit....
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    Ah, ok so yeah that could explain it. Today, I turned explains everything, now that you said that....
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    Re: Emotions...

    So how long has this been going on, McKnia?

    I'm going to assume that this is out of the ordinary...but has it happened before?
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    Well, about like the past few weeks, maybe.

    This is defantly out of the ordinary. I like never cry, and if I do, it's normally because I hurt myself doing something, lol. It happened one other time that I can remember, and that was at my best friends wedding (no one else was crying, of my friends, but it is kinda expected there)

    Alot is going on though...I am the maid of honor for one of my best friends, and my other best friend told me she is pregant today.
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    Take a few deep breaths and analylise why you are weepy, If you can not, you may need some help , a few pats on the back, or friends saying how cool you are, i am sure you are a great person, and have no real reason to be weepy, other than that i can come round and kick your bum into gear, that never fails.
  14. Astronuc

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    It could also be a lack of sunlight during winter months, as well as lack of exercise.

    Sunlight exposure affects certain levels of hormones, which may affect the feeling of well-being, which may affect emotional response.

    Happy 20th Birthday!

    And remember - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life!
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    Do you know if being anemic could cause some of this too. I have never been diagnosed with it, but have been asked alot if I have it. Thinking about it now, I don't eat 3 meals a day, I'm actually lucky if I get 1 maybe 2 a day....
  16. Astronuc

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    An unbalanced diet or deficiency of certain vitamins could make one feel lethargic, or perhaps cause one to be slightly depressed.

    We really can't offer a diagnosis on-line, but it would be worthwhile to see one's doctor and perhaps have a blood test. I think Moonbear would strongly recommend seeing one's doctor.

    Besides normal sunlight exposure, diet (minimal fats, lean meats (unless one is vegetarian or vegan), fresh fruits, complex carbohydrates), exercise (should be regular, e.g. a vigorous 20-40 minute walk each day) and regular sleep all have an affect on one's emotions. The affect will very from person to person.

    Has one consulted one's parents?
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    You are a wimp sorry to say such, but only weeds get feed infrequently, i have no sympathy for bottom feeders, i am sure you will only select what advice seems appropriate to you, but i hope you are better than that.
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    anemic? how about general malnutrition? people that don't eat look like that. how about eating a steak and taking astronuc's sunlight recommendation?
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    I don't know if it applies, but premenstrual hormones + lack of sleep + job/life stress can be kind of a perfect storm. I try to fix at least one out of three.
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    what the hell are you talking about?
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    Hey, I snack and drink lots of liquids. I might not eat full meals, but I get food in me somehow. At work, we don't get a lunch break..if we have time, we will eat something.
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