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Homework Help: Latent heat of fusion of ice

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    A 58.0 kg ice-skater moving at 6.25 m/s glides to a stop. Assuming the ice is at 0°C and that 53.5 percent of the heat generated by friction is absorbed by the ice, how much ice melts?

    Should I first calculate the work? I know I need to use Delta U= Q-W...but what is Delta U in this case?
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    53.5% of the kinetic energy is converted to heat energy which is delta U.
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    How do I find Q given to the ice?
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    First, calculate the kinetic energy of the skater initially. Since the skater completly loses that energy, it must have gone into heat caused by the friction with the ice.

    Find 53.3% of that and apply that to the "heat of melting" of ice.
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