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Latent heat

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    how do you slove latent heat problems?

    also is there a easier way to slove thermodyamics problem?

    explain in a way a way that a 9th grader like me can understand.

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    What kind of problems?
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    i need to know the Phase change of objects and how to caculate the Joules of energy needed for the changes.
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    Generally, at that level, such problems ask for final temperature and you get the latent heat from a table. But perhaps you could be more specific....?
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    first off
    "also is there a easier way to slove thermodyamics problem?"
    simply put.....no

    you solve them by using the equation

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    i would like to know more about the heat exchange in mixtures and
    example would be like:

    How much heat energy is required to change?
    a) 2.0kg of ice at 0 C to water at 0 C?

    b) 500g of water at 100 C to steam at 100 C?
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