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Latest decay data information

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    I would like to know what is the latest decay data (Nuclear Data Sheets)
    available for Eu-153 (Gd-153 EC decay), Xe131(I-131 decay) and
    Tm169 (Yb169 decay). what i could get is only that of 1998 ,1994 and 1991.

    This data is frm the nndc/ ensdf website.
    could anyone help me pls... Thanx
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    Thanx for ur help. I have tried the link that u have suggested.
    The info i require about the Internal conversion co-efficients is not given.

    can suggest anything else ...
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    Its a very good site. I think i can get some good info frm here.
    Thanx alot.

    vjsai K.
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