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LaTeX Alternative

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    I have seen some posts here where people write equations similar to how they would be written in a text-editor (subscripts, superscripts, etc.) rather than in LaTeX. It seems a little "cleaner" and easier to incorporate into a sentence. Is there a certain type of code for this on these forums or is it done by copy-and-paste?
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    [tex]\mbox{what d_o \ yo^u \ mean?}[/tex] :biggrin:
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    You can use special tags, which are part of PF, or you can use some character codes, which can be used anywhere.

    Some tags: superscript, subscript, and maybe some others. These have the form [ tag ] your text [/ tag ], without the spaces. To see them, just quote the person's post. The tags that they used will show up in the quoted message.

    Some code: ∀x(Px → ¬Qx), Gödel. These have the form & # numbers ; or & letters ;, without the spaces. For example, & # 172 ; and & rarr ;. To see these, right-click on the page and select View Source (or View Page Source). To find the code, you just have to search (use your browser's Find tool). You can also find these codes online; Just google 'character code OR sets' for a start. For the codes that will work for the most people on PF, add 'iso' to your search. :smile:
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    Tom Mattson

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    FYI we have not one, but two sets of TeX tags. One of them (called "inline TeX") is meant to fit neatly into a sentence. Check it out.

    Using [ tex ]...[ /tex ] tags (without the spaces):

    Einstein said that [tex]E=mc^2[/tex].

    Looks icky in a sentence, right?

    Now use [ itex ]...[ /itex ] tags (again, without the spaces):

    Einstein said that [itex]E=mc^2[/itex].

    NOW how much would you pay? Wait, don't answer yet, we'll even throw in this FREE set of GinsuTM steak knives! :biggrin:
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