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Latex and images

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    Hey folks,

    I plan to use a figure from a paper (Hubble diagram for type 1a supernova demonstrating accelerated expansion).'

    I'm want to put the image in a [tex]\LaTeX[/tex] document. Of course, I could use the Snapshot tool in Adobe reader and then grab the image and import into photoshop say then save as a jpg or something, but...

    I want to ask if anyone knows any better ways to get an image from a pdf source into a latex file.

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    If you use the snapshot tool, make sure you set it at a high-resolution (or else view it at high resolution).... then save it (via pasting into an image editor) in a lossless format like .png or .gif. Note that you will get a raster image... with some (possibly tolerable) degradation.

    Is there a version of the paper on arxiv.org ? If so, you could grab the source figure. If it was produced by (say) gnuplot or something, then the source figure is probably in a vector format, like .eps.

    In your pdf, it may be possible to find the section in the pdf file corresponding to image... then inserting it (possibly as an .eps figure) in your paper. You would probably get the same level of quality as the original.

    You might also try converting your pdf to ps (via ghostscript), then use some tools from (say) http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/5682/HeavyDuty.html to extract images.
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    Ok, sounds like great information. I'll give it a try in the morning! Thanks a lot!
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