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LaTeX Appendix

  1. Feb 16, 2010 #1
    I need to include a single appendix in my honours project. The appendix will be the last bit before the bibliography.
    I have

    \chapter{Deriving the Einstein equations for the .... Spacetimes}

    This is causing a couple of problems for me:

    (i) In the table of contents, there is a line that says "Appendix" and then underneath that it says "A". However, the word "Appendix" is at the bottom of my first contents page and the letter "A" is at the top of the next page of contents. Is there any way to sort this out?

    (ii) Even though I have only one appendix, is it the norm to call it "Appendix A" rather than just "Appendix"?

    (iii) I need to give this appendix a name such as "Deriving the Einstein equations for the .... Spacetimes". Obviously this is a big title, if I put it in the \chapter{} brackets then it prints really big and takes up 3 lines in a big font - is there any way to make it smaller?

    thanks for your help.
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    First of all I will suggest that if you have only one appendix there is no need to say "A", you can just keep the title.
    Secondly, there is no way that in TOC you can shift the word "Appendix" to next page, as the spacing between two lines in TOC is defined by your style file. Playing around with your style file will change over all formatting.
    Also for reducing the font of the appendix title try using following command "\chapter{\small{.........}}". I guess this might work.
  4. Mar 27, 2010 #3
    here AppendixA is one new txt file which is include k
    so in main file write the below clde.



    In AppendixA file write below code...
    SO we get Chapter name as Acronyms in our report or article n also in index...
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